Accepted Contributions

Accepted Papers

Long Papers

A Clustering Approach for Personalizing Diversity in Collaborative Recommender Systems 
Author(s): Farzad Eskandanian, Bamshad Mobasher and Robin Burke Paper

A New N-gram Analytics Tool in ELAN and its Application to Improve Automatic Fingerspelling Generation
Author(s): Souad Baowidan, Natalie Ningshan Guo, Sarah Johnson, Robyn Moncrief and Larwan Berke  Paper

Carving Database Storage to Detect and Trace Security Breaches
Author(s): James Wagner, Alexander Rasin, Boris Glavic, Karen Heart, Jacob Furst, Lucas Bressan and Jonathan Grier  Paper

Faster Responses for Interactive Queries in Software Projects
Author(s): Alexander Rasin, Hyungsik Kim and Robert Cole  Paper

Natural Language Diagnostic tool for Radiologists
Author(s): Priya Deshpande, Alexander Rasin, Eli Brown, Jacob Furst and Daniela Stan Raicu  Paper

User-Bias Compensation through Percentile-based Ratings
Author(s): Masoud Mansoury, Robin Burke and Bamshad Mobasher  Paper

Using Uncertain Graphs to Automatically Generate Event Flows from News Stories
Author(s): Laura Christiansen, Bamshad Mobasher and Robin Burke  Paper

Weighted Random Walk Sampling for Multi-Relational Recommendation
Author(s): Fatemeh Vahedian, Robin Burke and Bamshad Mobasher  Paper

Short Papers

A study of Hybrid-Agile:Agile with Discipline at IBM
Author(s): Redar Ismail, Robert Garcia and Olayele Adelakun  Paper

Controlling Popularity Bias in Learning-to-Rank Recommendation
Author(s): Himan Abdollahpouri, Robin Burke and Bamshad Mobasher  Paper

Mining Associations between Quality Concerns and Functional Requirements
Author(s): Xiaoli Lian and Jane Cleland-Huang  Paper

Recommender Systems as Multistakeholder Environments
Author(s): Himan Abdollahpouri, Robin Burke and Bamshad Mobasher  Paper

Collecting and Analyzing Requirements Related Software Project Queries
Author(s): Sugandha Malviya, Jane Cleland-Huang and Alexander Rasin  Paper

Using Outdoor Images for Flyer Classification
Author(s): Payam Pourashraf and Noriko Tomuro  Paper


Accepted Posters

Author(s): Abdullah Azhari and Xiaowen Fang

How do players experience mystery in videogames?  Abstract
Author(s): Ali Alkhafaji and Peter Hastings

Diffusion of Innovations: The Case Study of Oman’s e-Payment Gateway  Abstract
Author(s): Badar Al Lawati

Research Review: Using Technology To Overcome Negative Emotions While Learning a Second Language  Abstract
Author(s):Daneih Ismail

Encouraging Participation in Coding Activities in Minecraft by Utilizing a Semi-Autonomous Programmable Robot Avatar  Abstract
Author(s): Dominic Amato and Nichole Pinkard

Overcoming Barriers for Conducting Computational Thinking Opportunities in Minecraft  Abstract
Author(s): Dominic Amato, Ugochi Acholonu and Nichole Pinkard

Utilizing a User-Centered Design Process to Create Learning Modules in Minecraft for Middle School Aged Students  Abstract
Author(s): Leslie Smith, Isaac Valadez and Dominic Amato

System analysis of an intervention to improve opioid prescribing in emergency medicine  Abstract
Author(s): Mary Bungum and Lauren Sherman

Computational Methods for Tracking, Quantitative Assessment, and Visualization of C. elegans Locomotory Behavior  Abstract
Author(s): Mingfei Shao, Yiyang Wang, Jenny Piane and Shobit Kishore

Modeling Users’ Evolution of Taste in Collaborative Recommendations Using Hidden Markov Models  Abstract
Author(s): Nasim Sonboli, Robin Burke and Bamshad Mobasher

Playing With the Internet of Things  Abstract
Author(s): Reid Annin, Thomas Newsome, Megan Villablanca, Bobby Schweizer and Jayson Margalus

Telemedicine Satisfaction: Examining Years of Academic Success and Struggles  Abstract
Author(s): Robert Garcia, Redar Ismail and Olayele Adelakun

21st Century Learning Analytics  Abstract
Author(s): Taha Hamid, Jennifer Baltes and Taihua Li

User-Guided Shape Generation  Abstract
Author(s): Yuxuan Zhang